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  • Mother Lead Me to Your Place

    Mother Lead Me to Your Place

    by Melissa Abraham Monica touched upon the tilma, a blessed cloak that the Mater Filius’ volunteers wear and have spiritual graces. She recalled the first mothers she met in the home when she started three years ago; mothers from different backgrounds and with different stories. Because she had no children of her own, Monica found […]

  • Home Model

    Home Model

    Mater Filius is a maternity home with the mission to help pregnant women in need who choose life for their babies. 

  • Rhoda


    My experience at mater filius was a lot to learn from as regards personal and spiritual life. I moved into the house in June’ 3rd 2017, I was just 4 months pregnant with difficulties when I moved in, I had my baby in November’ 21st 2018. I met the Director in the person of Marthalicia […]

  • Payton


    When I was referred to the home, I was attending Winfree Academy Charter school. I had only a handful of credits to complete before I accomplished my High School diploma. Shortly after I found out I was expecting, I spoke with my school counselor. I expressed to her that the home I was living in […]

  • My journey to becoming a volunteer at Mater Filius

    My journey to becoming a volunteer at Mater Filius

    by Veronica Schaedler I think my journey to Mater Filius began with my mother – my mom was an amazing woman with a strong commitment to her faith and a devotion to our Blessed Mother, but I didn’t learn how strong her faith really was until it was tested. On August 26th, 2007, after a […]