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We are Pro-Life!

At Mater Filius Dallas we practice the following values:

Mutual respect, Honesty, Cooperation, and Openness


Safe Living Environment

Mater Filius has a maximum housing capacity for up to six women and their infants. Length of stay may vary based on individual needs. Ladies live in the house under the supervision of a live-in House-Mother (Ima).

During their stay, we provide the following at no cost:
• A furnished double-bedroom with clean bedding,
• shared bathroom, toiletries, towels,
• three nutritional meals a day, baby supplies,
• in-house laundry, and access to technology.


At Mater Filius Dallas, mothers learn to appreciate and understand their high value as a person and the new member coming into their lives. We provide:
• Counseling and wellness services supervised by a licensed therapist to guide them through their current challenges and prepare them for self-dependency.
• Health Promotion and lactation programs overseen by a registered nurse, board-certified lactation consultant, experienced in the care of prenatal and postpartum mothers as well as in the care of the newborn.


Encouragement, Motivation, Help

Each mother-to-be is assigned a Doula for individual support. With the help of volunteers, we provide educational workshops, tutoring, and occupational training to meet individual and group needs.

We ensure that all mothers take practical steps to developing independence and acquiring lifelong learning skills. Mothers are encouraged to remain in school, obtain a GED, or register for continuing education classes.


More than just basic needs

We depend on a team of dedicated supporters and volunteers to operate the house. This team is comprised of medical professionals, counselors, educators, lawyers, architects, as well as recognized businesses and active members of our community.

Thanks to this support, we can offer additional assistance such as:
Group prayer* and spiritual guidance
GED and ESL tutoring
Employment and etiquette coaching
Resume building and time management skills
Arts and crafts activities
Housing application and discharge planning

* Participation in prayer is entirely voluntary.