My experience at mater filius was a lot to learn from as regards personal and spiritual life.

I moved into the house in June’ 3rd 2017, I was just 4 months pregnant with difficulties when I moved in, I had my baby in November’ 21st 2018. I met the Director in the person of Marthalicia Burkle, she’s indeed a mother/Grandmother, she made me feel good by praying with me the very first day I got to the house, her hospitality is more than welcoming, not forgetting her husband too, they are both more than awesome. They made me know that there’s nothing impossible for God to handle, they took my problem and needs upon themselves without me lacking nothing.

I met other pregnant women there at the house, we shared ideas and experiences to make us grow.

Not forgetting the volunteers, I wouldn’t like to mention names because they’re all trained to be alike(Helpful) they are sweet and always there to render assistance to everyone in the house.

Feeding, clothing , spiritual support and many other was never lacking at the house.

The Imas were very helpful too when I had my baby.

My delivery day was indeed a Miracle.

I have a beautiful baby girl who always made me see reasons to smile.

I so much bless God for making me have encounter with Mather Filius House.

It is indeed a place to be when you think all hope is lost. May God in his infinite mercy strengthen us when we’re down. God’s blessings be upon this home and upon the innocent babies.

Rhoda, 2018